in the customer center

In our customer center you can experience Mila-wall live. We will show you current highlights and proven solutions either on-site in Reutlingen or in person via video stream.

Overview MBA Customer Center

We will show you the Mila-wall Basic Series 100, 160 and 840 in exemplary set-up variants. In various room solutions, in combination with LED lighting elements and a wide range of accessories, you will gain an insight into the flexibility, versatility and sustainability of the Mila-wall system.

You can also experience the Mila-wall Acoustic, Mila-wall Sound, Mila-wall Alarm/Safety and Mila-wall LED lighting frame modules, each with their own special areas of application, in the Customer Center and see for yourself the quality of the system.

Room solutions with Mila-wall


In a detailed tour of our customer center, we will show you the Mila-wall wall modules and combinations on display.

Mila-wall wall modules and connection technology

It couldn't be more simple

We will show you on a model how easy it is to assemble Mila-wall wall modules. Any angle is possible.

Mila-wall door modules


Mila-wall door modules can also be used to create closed room solutions.

Mila-wall lighting elements with hidden cable routing

In the right light

We put your exhibits in the right light and show you various solutions for concealed cable routing in our customer center.

Mila-wall drawers and cabinets

Elegantly integrated

Mila-wall drawers provide additional presentation possibilities in an aesthetic way.

Mila-wall showcases with lighting

Shop window deluxe

Individual showcase solutions protect your exhibits while providing optimal presentation.

Mila-wall LED im

Interactive large-scale

LED screens, flush-mounted in wall modules, can be operated by gesture control. The technology disappears in the wall.

Videobox with Mila-wall Acoustic modules

Sound and Silence

The video box with Mila-wall Acoustic offers the best sound quality inside - outside you can hear almost nothing thanks to the sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing effect.

Mila-wall hidden door for inspection work

Wallpaper door

The inconspicuous Mila-wall wallpaper doors (here to the right of the display case) allow for revision work without impairing the visual impression.

Professionally repaired nail and screw holes in Mila-Wall wall

Here we go again

Nail or screw holes in your Mila-wall wall can be professionally repaired: The repaired surface looks as good as new.


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